Chiropractic Patient Testimonials in Chicago, IL and Suburbs

"I began seeing one of the physicians with Midwest Healthcare regularly after being in a car accident many months ago. I found the care to be amazing and very influential in my healing process. The staff was wonderful and very personable. They were very thorough in their approach and explained that we were a team in my healing process. I had a full recovery after my accident and still see my chiropractor for periodic visits when needed. Take my word for it, you won't be disappointed. Simply the best in the field."

Dan, Chicago, IL

"I was recently in an auto accident and severely injured. The first thing I did was call Midwest Healthcare Services and the next day I was being treated by one of their chiropractors. My neck and back were killing me after the accident. I was having headaches and numbness down my legs. Honestly, it was unbearable and I couldn't even sleep, but after several visits with the doctor I could see a substantial improvement in the way I felt. The staff at Midwest Healthcare Services was very helpful. Not only did I feel better after several treatments, but they taught me about wellness and prevention to help prevent possible future injuries. Thank you Midwest Healthcare Services! It was a pleasure."

Elizabeth, Oak Brook, IL

"I normally don't write reviews but I was recently involved in a very bad auto accident. After several days I was experiencing severe neck and back pain. The worst part was the severe headaches. I was in pretty bad shape and ended up going to the hospital. After being check out they gave me medication and sent me home still in pain saying nothing was broken. A friend had recently been to see one of the chiropractors at MHS and said she thought they could help. After setting up an appointment one of doctors actually came to my house and really helped me by examining me and explaining why I was still in so much pain. To know someone out there genuinely still cares about people like myself meant a lot. Thank you for your help and I highly recommend you to anyone in need of chiropractic care."

Mary, Batavia, IL

"By far the best group of chiropractors I've seen. I was referred to Midwest Healthcare Services by a friend and right after the first visit I knew this was the place for me. Both doctors that saw me were experienced, helpful, honest and effective. The office had a positive energy and the patient coordinator would call just to check up on me periodically. Great group of people. Always felt good after therapy, and both doctors that treated me really worked to improve my body after the accident by stressing other things I didn't think of like a good diet, stretches and exercises to alleviate pain."

Mike, Chicago, IL

"After my accident I was a little depressed because I was not able to do the same activities I used to, like running and yoga. After every visit I fell increasingly better and am so happy progress is being made. I feel like a new person now."

Brenda, Oak Park, IL

"Hi my name is Barbara and I was involved in an auto accident and was severely injured. My neck and shoulders were on fire. My head felt like it was going to fall off. I was scared and didn't know what to do. Luckily, I called Midwest Healthcare Services. The service was impeccable, and I started feeling better immediately. Thank you."

Barbara, Chicago, IL

"I started seeing a chiropractor from MHS in January of this year. Back then my pain was intolerable, and persistent after an auto accident. I suffered severe neck, mid-back, and lower back pain along with pain down my arms and legs. I literally could not sleep because of the pain and I was almost immobile. I was impressed at how easy it was for the doctor to detect the source of the problem, and she really educated me on what occurred to my body during the accident. She also took the time to review the MRI of my neck and show me exactly what was going on. I felt relief within the first two weeks, and was able to get back to normal within two months. Thank you!"

Julia, Morton Groove, IL

"In my first visit with Dr. Juarez from Midwest Healthcare Services I was shocked to finally feel some relief from the pain. After performing an examination he gave me treatment immediately. He listened intently and was able to diagnose an issue with my neck that was contributing to my arm pain. After only a few visits I felt much better and was able to go back to work. Within four weeks of treatment I had no pain and was back to my usual activities. Dr. Juarez and the staff of Midwest Healthcare Services you are the best!"

Maria, Chicago, IL

"Very convenient locations throughout Chicago and the suburbs which made finding an office easy. After being involved in a car accident on the way to work I was referred to one of the chiropractors at MHS. The doctor was great. He had energy, was very knowledgeable and accommodating. I felt like the entire staff really cared about my progress. While I felt the difference fairly early into being treated, the extent of my injuries required an MRI and also visits with a pain management doctor. The process was made easy by the patient coordinator who was fantastic! The staff went above and beyond to take the time in helping me discover what the long term cause of my pain was, instead of just treating the symptoms. This incredible staff of doctors and assistants was kind and caring, making sure to answer any questions and address any fears or concerns I had. They got me out of pain and on the road to wellness. For that I am thankful! I intend to stay in touch with this place."

Teresa, Homewood, IL

"My neck and lower back were in unbearable pain. I was taking aspirin and icing but it wasn't getting better. I called Midwest Healthcare Services and the next day I was being examined and treated. They really cared about getting me better ASAP. This group of talented doctors got me back to doing the things I enjoy. Thanks to the staff at MHS I feel so much better and would highly recommend them to anyone injured in an auto accident."

Jennifer, Chicago, IL